Mellow… more or less.

July 5th, 2013 by Trey

Chilling out, waiting on a few adjustments to the text before signing the lease. Excited, nervous.

Returned the iPad, bought a no-name resonator guitar. Feel 10 pounds lighter and very excited about learning blues songs to chop away at and belt out in the street. We’ll be living two blocks off of Frenchman! You know I’ll be down there. Life Is Weird.

Mom and Dad brought Evie from Jacksonville and stayed for a couple of nights. Had a grand mellow time hanging out, sitting on the porch, walking to neighborhood restaurants, all that groovy New Orleans Irish Channel/Garden District goodness. Went with Dad down to the Quarter and picked up some muffulettas and brought ‘em back for a lunch feast. Evie liked her “salami sandwich” but without all the olive mess on top. Girl’s missin’ out!

I am so grateful to Mom and Dad and Mary Anne for making it so easy for us to have Evie for these few weeks. I’ll take her back to Mobile in a couple of weeks or so and she can spend some time with Mom and Dad, then I’ll go back and take her on to Jacksonville to return her to her mom.

Places We’ve Looked

June 30th, 2013 by Trey

Just to give one a little perspective, here’s a map of the places we actually visited where we went inside, explored the neighborhood and talked to whomever we could. This doesn’t include the dozens we drove by or the seeming hundreds that Mallory called and the dozens of people with whom she’s been in touch.

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St. Roch / New Marigny

June 29th, 2013 by Trey

Hoo boy. Ask and ye shall receive. See also: be careful what you wish for. I remember quite clearly telling Mallory how cool I thought it would be to find an old church in the old part of town, something we could live and work in.

Ding! Thank you very much, assorted Fates, Genii, prankster Gods and Goddesses both Major and Minor. Thank you.

Word of mouth is that the neighborhood is quiet and community oriented. The street looks rougher than some, not as rough as others. Living here would be living in the city for real, and no joke. It is also the only place we’ve found with the physical space we want… and we have looked everywhere in this city. The past few weeks have been one hell of an education in the layout of the city of New Orleans, and I’m glad to have had them. This is far and away, with no contest the most interesting city I’ve ever experienced.

The Irish Channel

June 28th, 2013 by Trey

After ten days at the Lions Inn in the Marigny, we moved to a temporary rental in the Irish Channel. The house is a gorgeous, and gorgeously furnished, half of a duplex a few blocks from Magazine. It’s set up wonderfully for Evie’s visit.

Nearby is Parasol’s - – which seems to me the perfect example of the corner bar. It’s tiny. Dogs are cool if they’re cool. Drinks are priced sanely. People are friendly. The catfish poboy is easily the best I’ve ever had. Ordering a drink by sticking your head out of a hatch in the upstairs wall makes it just that much more fun!

The Lions Inn

June 27th, 2013 by Trey

The truly lovely Lions Inn in the Marigny, just downriver from the French Quarter. We spent ten days here getting our feet wet in the city, sharing the Inn with a rotating cast of vacationing characters from Brooklyn, Alabama, Kentucky, Misissippi, Texas and one couple who live around the corner but rented a room for the night so they could use the pool. All were friendly and interesting. One gentleman guest was dressed entirely in latex when we met. The pool there was heavenly. The mosquitos were horrid, but it didn’t seem to matter much. It was a great place to stay during a really really weird couple of weeks.